Car 95 peeks out alongside Trailer 111, at the Interim Cable Car Building at Mornington   Grip and brake lever, Car 95
Car 95 detail Car 95 outside seating
Car 95 preparing for departure from Tramway Historical Society (photos courtesy of David Turner) . . .
. . . and safely ensconced next day at Mornington
Trailer 111 at the Interim Cable Car Building Trailer 111 Back home in Dunedin
Trailer 111 Trailer 111
111's Balconies
Car 103 and trailer 110, in the 1950s, in almost exactly the same place as trailer 111 sits today
Beautifully varnished wood of 111's interior. View in front (between the trees and the road) is where the tracks used to run (see adjacent photo of Car 103 and trailer 110)
Detail of trailer 111 interior
Detail of trailer 111 platform

Trailer 111 being lifted onto its track

111 on display for passers-by
111's provenance
Cars en route Cars 97 and trailer 111 at Hampden on their way back to Dunedin Car 95 at Ferrymead
Grip car 97 under restoration

A vintage pram for a vintage tram.

Car 97 cabins, one needing attention, the other repainted

Car 109 in service

Car 103 under restoration at Ferrymead
Car 103 undergoing restoration with the Tramway Historical Society at Ferrymead.
Trailer 4 at MOTAT, Auckland   
(MOTAT Acc. No. 1978.719)
Trailer 4 at MOTAT
Trailer 4 at MOTAT Trailer 4 at MOTAT. Built c. 1882 by J. M. Jones' Sons, Street Railway Car-Builders, West Troy, N.Y., U.S.A. The only survivor of the 1903 Mornington car shed fire.
Trailer at MOTAT, interior Trailer at MOTAT, detail
Cable cars crossing upper High St 1950s Grip "dummy" cars and Trailer 2 on High Street in the 1880s

Paintings of Don McAra, from his book Hold Very Tight Please! (Grantham House Publishing, 2007).  Available at Dunedin Public Library.

Mornington car 105 at the Seashore Trolley Museum, Kennebunkport, U.S.A.:

The provenance of Car 105 (shown here being helped uphill) is recorded in this detailed correspondence with the SeaShore Museum:

Report of Car 105's arrival at Kennebunkport, Maine, USA in 1958

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds” — the unofficial U.S. Postal Service motto could equally apply here.
The Roslyn route, in the 1940s. Some of the children here may still, in 2019, recognise themselves! This car is essentially the same model as Roslyn Car 95 we have on display at the Mornington Building (it is actually either 92 or 93, but the numbering in this photo isn't clear).

Wellington College boys in town for the Big Sing took time out to roll out Car 95 (their teacher wearing a Cable Car conductor's cap) Sept 2019

A visit from the Baden-Powell scout group, September 2019. Four or five of them had actually ridden the cars back in their day. 

A visit from the Victoria League 22 May 2021, our Society Chair Gina Browne explaining the project. Again, some recalled riding the cars in their day.